Idea behind this project

Before I begin, I must make it clear that the goal of Mahayana Buddhism is to share the ultimate degree of liberation and happiness with everyone, by any means necessary. The final goal is the elimination of the difference between buddhas and those who are bound to samsara, which would result in a complete disappearance of Buddhism itself. If every sentient beings are totally liberated from all possibilities of suffering, that would be the end of Buddhism. The ultimate purpose of Buddhists are not to have Buddhism spread all over the world, but to create a world which Buddhism would never again have any place for its existence.

All living beings depend on other living beings in order to exist. We always get some kind of help from each other, may it be direct or indirect. We are a one body, separated only by the artificial lines drawn by our surface consciousness. Mahayana Buddhism starts from this understanding, and conclude that we must share happiness with all living beings. Strangely, as much as they speak of this interconnected-ness, not many recent practitioners of Mahayana Buddhism seriously rely on each other in developing the methods of sharing happiness and liberation.

We live in an era of ever-increasing network bandwidth. It seems to be only natural that many phenomenons in our society perform better when taking advantage of distributed model. I have been pondering on how to make the spiritual liberation of Buddhism easily available for everyone since 1998. Fifteen years later, while a was reading about open-source polywell machine project, the answer finally came to me. It is time for Buddhism to turn open-source. When one consider the historical facts of Mahayana Buddhism, the tradition had always been in line with the open-source philosophy. It is due to the religious authoritarianism within the Buddhist community that grew like a cancer during recent years that made the “open-source Buddhism” difficult to happen. We must overcome this disease. With your help, only with your help, we may have hope.

We must take advantage of the crowd intelligence on coming up with the easier methods of theoretical understanding of Buddhism, more practical practice methods to get awakening, and the most effective way of sharing the awakening. The first teaching of the Lotus sutra conclude with the following statement: in the end, all are equal and selfless. I will leave you to determine the true meaning behind the above statement, because you, not any other person in the world, know best.


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  1. aliceimwachtraumland says :

    Thank you for this interesting text!

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