The starting point – new definition of enlightenment

There are so many ways to define the ‘enlightenment’ or bodhi, and most of them appear way too abstract to those who are not deeply engaged in Buddhism. I seek a totally new approach, a new approach custom-made for engineering. The definition I try to introduce here will not going to be ‘stable’. It may not be possible to have even a concrete definition. Languages are bound to be impermanent, as well as the population who use them. I believe a plasticity needs to be given to the definition to function well over time.

The new definition of bodhi would be maintained by few steps. First, a group of volunteers would upload their daily brain activities to servers via BCI links, may it be invasive or non-invasive. Second, a data mining algorithm to capture the ‘tendency’ of bodhi would be developed. Third, the above algorithm would scan the gathered data to come up with the digital definition of bodhi, in real time.


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